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Innovation through passion

In the years to come we will concentrate completely on and are ready to rise to the challenges that the PNRR has launched on Italy

Mission "Security"

Specialized in cybersecurity committed to confronting the risks of digitalization together with our prestigious partners

Professions of the future

Discover our Academy: free of charge, with no age limit, aimed at employment in companies

Our priorities

Digital P.A.

Working for the full achievement of e-Government for which we have not only concentrated on SPID (Italy’s Digital Identity System) but also centralized platforms for the complete management of the services up to the Blockchain.

Cyber Security

Guaranteeing maximum security (especially but not only in Industrial OT and Enterprise IT fields) thanks to a dedicated SOC in which AI and machine learning are used.

Health System

Integration of digitalization of the administrative part with access to the services up to the real innovation of equitable, efficient, fast, and global Health.

Industry 4.0

Make logistical and productive processes intelligent by integrating them and transforming maintenance thanks to predictive, monitoring, and interactive technologies such as AR and VR.

Smart Transportation

Make dialogue take place between public and private transport systems, infrastructure, and data for sustainable management of the territory and the environmental footprint produced that harms the environment and the community.

The inclusive Academy for training and starting digital professionals on their careers

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The world has never been so full of training and work opportunities and yet a lot of people are excluded or penalized. Some may be too young or too old, some too specialized, or on the contrary, are not specialized enough. Inclusivity is a right but above all a target to be achieved. We at Netgroup are all committed to achieving full inclusion by following a course of progressive growth. Our aim is to meet talent, wherever it is.

The truth is that there is no need to be Sheldon in “The Big Bang Theory” to think you can learn to program in Java, become a systems analyst, or ABAP language expert. The truth is that much depends on how companies are structured. We think that whoever you are, you are full of the qualities needed by the ICT world: the way to overcome problems and imagine a solution, the empathy you manage to establish with other people, your ability to add value to the group to achieve the shared purpose.

So, we have created the Netgroup Academy to which you will say: OK, it is an academy like many others, and on the other hand no, it is different because it is inclusive. Truly inclusive. Our Academy has no age limits. If you are fifty years old you might think that you are too slow to be a digital professional but for us the experience you have acquired is worth much more. If you are very young, do not feel that you are “only” a gamer or an instagramer. We recognize your value and we want you to keep channeling it into new fields.


Our Academies are inclusive and attentive to the needs of the disabled


We want to discover and value the hidden talent in everyone


From 18 years of age and upwards, all ages are suitable to start at our Academy

Pink Academy:
the first all-female ICT Academy

There are very few women in ICT. We focus on increasing their presence on the national labor market..

We will soon be starting the first recruitment campaign in Italy exclusively dedicated to women. We have taken this decision because it is still very difficult to find female professionals in digital professional fields. Together we can make a difference and contribute to gender equality. Stay tuned.


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Scopri i progetti, le soluzioni e gli approfondimenti sul mondo dell’ICT a cui stiamo lavorando per contribuire alla trasformazione digitale dell’Italia:

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If you are looking for your next professional adventure, this is the right page for you! We guarantee you seriousness, great human attention, technological challenges, and routes to growth.

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Lasciamo che a raccontare le sfide dell’innovazione digitale siano coloro che se ne occupano tutti i giorni: I nostri pionieri

Gaetano Two

Gaetano Di Dio

Direttore Generale

Fin dagli studi ingegneristici mi sono appassionato al linguaggio universale che si nasconde nel protocollo TCP/IP. Questa passione mi ha portato a guardare il mondo digitale in modo innovativo, studiando l’applicazione delle tecnologie di frontiera al contesto in cui viviamo.

Angelo Two

Angelo Falvo

Responsabile Application Development

Amo pensare all’innovazione come un lungo e stimolante viaggio verso il futuro ed ho scelto di dedicarmi al settore ICT perché mi dà la possibilità di sperimentare le più moderne tecnologie utili a trasformare in meglio la vita quotidiana.

MAR0471 Pp

Giorgio Nocerino

Responsabile IT Application Operations

All’età di 20 anni decisi di trasformare la mia passione in lavoro e diventare così sviluppatore software. Dopo anni di sacrifici e di continuo mettersi in gioco posso dire di aver raggiunto un ruolo che mi dà molte soddisfazioni.

Giuseppe Two

Giuseppe Monda

Responsabile Delivery

Razionale e pragmatico, coordino un team di Project Manager e tanti interessanti progetti. Reputo il lavoro di squadra fondamentale per la crescita professionale e necessario per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi.

Mariarosaria One

Maria Rosaria Persico

Responsabile Academy

Laureata in Economia, amo l’arte, i viaggi, l’empowerment femminile. L’empatia è il motivo per cui sono la responsabile dell’Academy: una palestra per valorizzare identità, valore, affermazione di sé, volontà e motivazione.

Pietro Two

Pietro De Angelis

Responsabile Digital Infrastructure

Appassionato di innovazione tecnologica e digitale, con esperienza decennale nell’ICT, analizzo le esigenze dei clienti e i nuovi trend di mercato individuando le aree tecnologiche e di servizio su cui costruire la proposta aziendale.

Serena Two

Serena Persico

Brand Strategy & Communication Governance

Da bambina mi incuriosivano le lingue straniere. Sfidavo me stessa pronunciando le parole più difficili. Ho deciso di laurearmi in Lingue, alimentando la voglia di mettermi in gioco. Anche il mio lavoro è fatto di sfide, dove sono sempre pronta a competere con i miei limiti.

The history of our clients

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Thanks to Netgroup’s professionalism we have managed to improve the effectiveness of our IT services, above all, in terms of continuity since we are a Public Administration body and we must guarantee that citizens have maximum efficiency. However, we have also significantly reduced the management costs of our IT Management and numerous guarantees thanks to the externalization of the risks connected with the management of security, services, and infrastructure.

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Industry 4.0 research and development activity is one of Netgroup’s best strong points. Netgroup has internal laboratories where specialized resources are used to study and analyze new technologies and experiments are carried out on complex solutions to maximize skills and preparation for industry above all in terms of factory production, automated logistics management, and for predictive maintenance using state-of-the-art instruments.
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We have been studying a strategy for transforming our city into a Smart City for some time. This will offer our fellow citizens advanced services and give greater attention to the area. Netgroup has supported us in this enterprise, offering us an advanced data processing and evaluation system that has facilitated analysis of the information available from a different and comprehensive point of view so that the phenomena present on our territory can be analyzed, and can be supported by interactive dashboards providing a valid support to strategic and competitive decision making.