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Improving Cyber defenses

one of our major challenges

Cybersecurity: technology, rights, and software need to be dominated

In the light of the country’s strong push to Digital Transformation, cybersecurity has assumed a strategic importance for national security. In fact, information technology criminals are increasing in number and constitute the main threat to network and information security for public and private bodies. Public Administrations must now not only guarantee the availability and integrity of citizens’ data but also their confidentiality. Private companies, which are now based on information technology, need to guarantee continuity of services offered by having the correct protection from cybernetic attacks and threats.

In order to counteract the new threats, we need to be up-to-date with the continuous changes to the regulation and above all equip ourselves with appropriate instruments to fight unexpected negative events that may threaten the integrity of the information technology structures.

The challenges: prevent, monitor, defend

The world of the web is constantly under attack from hackers and criminal organizations who use increasingly modern and sophisticated techniques to infect systems and infrastructure and snare users with viruses, malware, and phishing attacks. Attacks on entire industrial systems, databases, and information of national importance have become increasingly common. This is precisely why the EU and individual States are equipping themselves with all of the operational instruments needed to confront digital risks and fight information technology criminals. Cyberterrorism and the dark web are only two of the problems that threaten information technology security and against which state-of-the-art and effective solutions need to be adopted. In order to guarantee correct management of data and information that enter the digital environment every day as well as privacy, and the integrity of the entire digital infrastructure needs to be guaranteed by taking actions that counter cybercrime.

The vision in the PNRR

As can be logically expected, from the moment that Cybersecurity embraces numerous aspects of the production, economic, administrative, and social structure of the country, it is transversally present in various environments of the PNRR: digitalization of public administration bodies, and Digital Transformation in industry 4.0. In fact, with the increase in digitalization in both public and private fields, the capacity for prevention, monitoring, and defending the technological infrastructure from attacks and cybernetic incidents needs to be strengthened, and the pandemic — which has accelerated the digitalization process in such areas as smart working and Community Services — has sharpened these security needs.

Furthermore, the increase in the amount of data and information managed in the cloud has increased exposure to cyber-attacks on the information technology systems that host them.

Netgroup’s BU and SOC are both dedicated to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and big data in the service of our Clients

Interest in innovation represents one of the cardinal principles of the company’s vision and given the growing requirement from the market in recent years, Netgroup’s dedicated business unit has concentrated on the development of topics connected to the digital infrastructure and especially to cybersecurity. The main activities of this BU are the acquisition of the necessary skills and improved technologies on the market useful in guaranteeing information technology security and to planning and implementing innovative services and solutions to protects the IT and OT network infrastructure’s security

as well as by using artificial intelligence technologies gathering and interpreting big data. Netgroup has a SOC (Security Operation Centre) with a specialized professional team capable of providing our Clients with Industrial O.T. and Enterprise I.T. security services using innovative technologies for anomaly detection using A.I. and machine learning, providing detection, analysis, containment, and reporting services.

Scopri i progetti che abbiamo realizzato e la nostra vision sul futuro prossimo

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