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You don’t need to be an expert to be accepted by the Netgroup Academy: Leave it to us to make you what you will become. There’s not need to be a nerd: our courses will gradually get you off to a good start in the profession even starting from scratch. You only need to do one thing: decide to try us.
Getting yourself into the game is not difficult because you’ll never be left to your own devices: Netgroup will take care of you and help you to not only grow professionally but also as a person until the experience at the Academy is indelibly stamped on your memory.


Discover our Academy and take the plunge by filling in the form at the bottom of the page.


Software development

Learn to develop web sites and mobile applications using the main development instruments and technologies.



Learn to solve and manage the main threats to information system security in terms of both infrastructure and applications.


Systems & Networking

Learn to operate on the networks of medium and great complexity calculators, also specializing yourself in hardware and software systems.


Project design

Learn to plan and manage complex solutions by specifying the architecture and functionality by choosing the best technological solutions.

Some already developed courses:

  • SAP Basis
  • MVC – System Analyst and Developer
  • MS SharePoint – System Analyst and Developer
  • SAP Fiori & MII Developer
  • Java EE
  • System Architect
  • Digital Transformation Leader
  • ICT Operations Manager
  • Cyber Security Specialist in collaboration with ICT in Tel Aviv and the YMCA Italy Foundation

Netgroup Academy: our division dedicated to professional growth

Our core business is not training.
Well, that does sound as a poor way of presenting ourselves but it is precisely the reason why we have good (on the job) training. We are a community of professionals who have lived the world of ICT since 1994 and we are good at innovating. However, real innovation is only possible when what you learn from the market is continuously transferred to someone else. Calling it teaching takes away some of its values: those who learn also create and teach. A reciprocal exchange is generated. This is precisely why we have set up the Netgroup Academy and can guarantee to take the trainees into the very heart of the digital transformation. We now tell you what makes us unique, how we do it, and which Academy training courses are planned next.

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The courses are free.

Our Academy is completely free of charge to you. After a motivational interview, you will be enrolled to start on the courses immediately without having to spend a Euro. You have the prospect of coming on board at Netgroup at the end of the course.

There are no age limits.

A lot of organizations look for young recruits because they concentrate on their lack of knowledge and on their speed of learning. Right. However, lack of knowledge has nothing to do with age and qualities like experience or the method cannot be substituted by the mental speed of younger people. Simply, both help (it is no necessary to run all the time).

The only quality required is: the desire to improve yourself.

As we have just said, the baggage of experience a 50 year old has is inestimable to us but this is not a requirement: the most important quality for us is the desire to make oneself a professional. Leave the rest to us and our really well prepared teaching staff.

Not only technology.

In our Academy we help you to consciously manage every aspect of yourself in relation to the profession you will practice once employed at Netgroup. In fact, you will not work alone but in a team. Consequently, it is important to accelerate the growth of your relationship, management, and stress management capabilities, etc. Furthermore, you will often find yourself besides colleagues, engineers, managers, and it is important to have a confident and aware attitude from the start.

A hub between training and work (transfer of knowledge).

(If it were, we would not have a particular interest in opening a prospective profession to you). The core activity we have at Netgroup is digital innovation. We have been doing this since 1994 and we have grown until becoming a group of more than 700 people. So the real aim of training is work. Working together.
Our Academy is part of an entrepreneurial group that through the years has built a network of partnership with public and private bodies who help us to create the best conditions for innovation, working on projects with great social impact: companies, universities, training establishment, and associations co-operate by Netgroup bringing disruptive energy and ability to the job market.

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Furthermore, we also bring our five competence centers into play, which are dedicated to:


Software development


Analysis and development of SAP systems




The Internet of things and big data


Network and systems management

01. Development of new skills

Training does not end at the Academy: Netgroup itself is a place of continuous learning: the interchange with colleagues and external professionals, or the opportunity for structured training (with international certification being issued) means we continue to grow continuously.

02. Widening of the Curriculum Vitae

All of what you know and do translated into new skills that add to your curriculum vitae. We are jealous of what you will learn at Netgroup: it will always stay with you whatever decision you take in the future.

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03. Opportunity to be hired by the company

It is worth putting it bluntly: without being able to train you in order to hire you, we would not have created the Academy, which is a significant investment by Netgroup. This choice arises out of a sharp sense of responsibility to the collective group that we are part of in our own territory and now spreading throughout Italy.

Inside the Academy

OK, but what is a Netgroup Academy course like?

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  • The first step is to decide for yourself: apply to our Academy.
  • The second step is to have a talk to our recruiter (quietly, they don’t bite) in order for both of you to evaluate your motives for participating.
  • If there are preconditions for you to do the course you have chosen (as there usually are), the teaching staff will evaluate your specific skills at the start: it is not a judgement but only an instrument to get to know you better and adapt to your needs.
  • Each Academy provides phases (of varying duration depending on the type of course) interspersed with verification of the level of learning.
  • At the end of the course you will be tested on everything that you have learnt in a final test that helps Netgroup evaluate the most important action in our Academy: your employment at the company. Our real aim.

The training model we propose at the Netgroup Academy includes distance learning sessions and sessions onsite in classrooms equipped with everything necessary. The distance sessions can by synchronized — when everyone is connected by our e-learning platform — or not synchronized — when each person studies individually sending feedback via the platform —. The latter model does not have set hours or a specific place.