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True values

The value of a company is not static but continuously changes following the trends and directions the individuals that compose it are following. Because the company is not composed of numbers but of individuals, inspired by a motivation the company has the responsibility of feeding continuously by both recognising a merit and correcting a mistake. All of this happens through continuous professional development courses and constant transfer of knowledge. Doing your best in Netgroup means sharing these values and finding yourself in a continuous exchange aimed at the company’s collective well-being.

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Welcome to our tech world!

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Remember those small devices full of flickering lights that produced a typical “sound” made of strange noises that seemed to come from space? Those little boxes that when heated up would stop working and when working would disconnect the telephone line to the house?
Netgroup was established in Italy in the mid-1990s when modems began to become widespread.
There were only a few of us and we started as follows: getting our hands dirty with network equipment, kilometres of cabling, connectivity services, learning and retaining forever the experience accumulated from practical, commercial and strategic work.

Whatever your role in Netgroup tomorrow, we do not forget the challenges new staff members face and we will help you to find your way and grow by expressing your potential.

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At the dawn of our activity, when the world was almost completely analog, we started to adventure into the digital world.
At that time bits were restricted to only a few uses: computers hardly ever interacted with each other and neither did household appliances and industrial machines. Satellite navigation was an expensive gadget that attached to the windscreen and the maps were updated every now and then using complex procedures.
Then we grew, and growing, we have followed the evolution of the TelCo market and the ever growing larger one of Information Technology.
Today we number more than 600 people and while we are completely immersed in the flows of the digital infosphere, we have kept an analog approach to people.

Between 0 and 1, with you we are interested in all of the decimal places that do not exist in binary code. The hard skills can be acquired on a course, the soft skills are unique to and irrepeatable for each one of us.

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The Digital Transformation has been very fast: in only a few years we have been authors of an evolution resulting from the study, training, and setting up increasingly ambitious projects, always raising the bar a little higher. Underpinning the atmosphere lived in a company like ours is the fact that we move constantly, change and updates are part of our daily life, we enthusiastically love to think of work with a sense of responsibility meeting challenges. Everything has changed in this brief time from dial-up modems to the Internet of Things and on to the revolution of Industry 4.0.
Everything except one thing: you.
It is the people like you with your interests, your way of facing things, and your view of reality, with motivation that gives you the energy to get up and running and orient your personal and professional pathways that makes us different. We want to protect your unique power and encourage you every day.

If you decide to come on board, you will never join anyone else. We want you as you are, with your suitcase full of wishes, passions, and ideas.

OK, but you have not convinced me yet…
Tell me three values that are realities in your company!


We focus on you

The secret of Netgroup for more than 25 years has been the human balance between professional relationship and performance. It is the secret of knowing how to do things well like the others but with a distinctive style that makes Clients and employees feel at their ease, creating an authentic welcoming atmosphere.
The balancing of work and life is an aim we take care of constantly, aiming to improve.


learn and grow

The concept of talent is not static and never changing. Talent can and must develop and for us this is the best way to get hidden unexpressed potential to emerge. Through the years we have seen young enthusiasts find their way thanks to our Academy’s training courses and our professional experts who experiment in fields different from the normal: there is no greater satisfaction. (What do you expect?)


Let’s make a difference

Each one of us has their own unique characteristics. They often make the difference but are not always those we believe in the most.
However, the following is precisely what interests us: to discover together what will make the difference for you. We are committed to evaluating your specific skills by placing you in conditions where you can express your talent in projects we think need your input.

Now you’re….Ready to Join!

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