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Digitalizing Public Administrations

reducing the “digital divide”

Public Administrations (P.A.) and digitalization

Digitalizing P.A.s constitutes a group of procedures necessary to redefine the administrative procedures by exploiting the more modern technologies to improve service efficiency and make the relationship between administration and citizens more transparent. To offer new services to citizens, value the cultural heritage, incentivize tourism, improve communication with citizens, and promote models of sustainable development are only some of the opportunities that a digitally evolved public system has to offer. The adoption of new technologies in the world of public administration is an enabling factor supporting the evolution of the modern city into a Smart City.

The challenges:
from smart to mobile working

Public administration bodies have had to fight several challenges in their digital transition such as the adoption of new platforms for more articulated infrastructure. Smart working has now become part of our daily life, entering into our lives because of a global pandemic health emergency, and has completely transformed the way work is thought of, whether static, repetitive, dynamic, or flexible. Electronic payments, digital identity, and unique identification services are becoming ever more widespread and are now used by millions of people. The App on smartphones has favored communication between P.A.s and citizens such as with the digital health initiatives and the online CUP (Italian Regional Centralized Appointment Office) . A lot of funds have been allocated for the diffusion of ultra-broadband and to encourage Digital Transformation and the migration of local and central government to the cloud. In conclusion, the process of digitalization of public administration bodies has caught on in Italy and finding an appropriate online service supplier for a public utility service will be increasingly important in the next few years in order to meet the current needs of the citizenry and improve citizen’s well-being.

Digitalization of the PNRR (Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan): cloud, infrastructure, interoperability, and safety 

Through the PNRR the Government has made provision for significant funds for the digitalization of public administration bodies in Italy by procedures aimed at encouraging technological transformation and improving information technology security. The Plan provides for investments in support activities, migration to the cloud, and the creation of a national infrastructure facilitating the transformation process with the aim of guaranteeing greater interoperability between the administrations and strengthening the country’s information technology safety perimeter. Furthermore, the funds will serve to digitalize the procedures and services offered to citizens by simplifying all of the administrative processes and accelerating the growth of the population’s digital skills.

Digitalization of P.A.s by Netgroup  
Aim: to simplify

Netgroup has been committed to the main local and central PAs in addition to Defense in Digital Transformation projects for many years, always developing evolved integrated management platforms in line with the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) standards. We specialize in developing solutions simplifying document management, streamlining procedures, and using integrated instruments to support the Public Administration. Our experience in defining strategies and in project managing porting in cloud has matured in addition to developing User Experience initiatives for the public sector.

We are able to provide help and advice in taking part in initiatives financed at national and European levels, and in planning full solutions to Digital Transformation. Our resources are certified for the use of innovative platforms that facilitate data interoperability according to European standards. Our analysts are often asked to supply support for big data analysis and processing to help institution define operating strategies.

Scopri i progetti che abbiamo realizzato e la nostra vision sul futuro prossimo

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