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Post-Covid Health

The Italian National Health Service is a particularly complex body capable of strong reactions to stress from the medical-scientific point of view (as seen during the Covid-19 emergency) but perhaps less than in administration. The delay in adopting digital processes in Italy compared to other European countries is very clear (Italy is ranked 25th out of 28 according to DESI 2020).

The need for radical change has emerged precisely because of the pandemic which initially almost brought the system to its knees but has since seen new attitudes and needs emerge which will probably never go away. No-one was prepared for an event of this magnitude but now the direction P.A.s need to go is clearer, including the National Health Service.

The challenge for Italian Health System in a digital world

If web sites are poor and labyrinthine because their design is old, and lack digital services, this is nothing compared to the still difficult to meet challenge for the National Health Service: the internal departments and small islands where the cuts made in previous decades have closed medical centers and cut bed places, and where the ubiquity of the digital bit applied to remote services would solve numerous problems that often lead to Health not intervening in time or make doing this expensive and time consuming. The results may impact on quality of life positively by significantly reducing the difference compared to urban areas.

Health and the PNRR

The Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan was drawn up to repair the devastating damage to the Italian economy wrought by the Pandemic and has opened the road for the National Health Service to make a clean break with the “analog” past and embrace innovative information and communication technologies (ICT), simplifying and facilitating the provision of Health Services to the elderly and the young with problems. The PNRR provides for the development and strengthening of the social infrastructures to improve services and promote strategies to develop a digital ADI (Italian Integrated Home Health Care Service) model, a Telemedicine model, and a Teleconsultation model.

Digital Health according to Netgroup
With the help of technology, we can reach the point where Clinical Practice, the citizen, and the world of ICT meet. Improving integration between hospital and surrounding area can strengthen medical services and prevention in the area guaranteeing homogeneity and improving the supply of Essential Levels of Care (Livelli Essenziali di Assistenza (LEA).
In developing management platforms and updating technology in Hospitals according to the standard dictated by the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID), local and central governments are providing a vital spark in the digital transformation that guarantees the universal value of health.

Scopri i progetti che abbiamo realizzato e la nostra vision sul futuro prossimo

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