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Renewing industrial processes

key players in the fourth industrial revolution.

An industrial revolution means abandoning certainty and changing things

The times in which we are living have seen Digital Transformation and technological innovation changing the habits of mankind, his social relations, and the way he works, remodeling the organizational, cultural, and economic scenarios.

These epoch making great changes are often defined as the fourth industrial revolution since digitalization in the service of mankind and in particular production processes has taken on a fundamental role in creating new business models, placing companies face-to-face with the decision to leave their comfort zone in order to adapt to the new needs of the market.

Underpinning the course leading to Industry 4.0 is the development of a digital model interconnecting subjects, machines, and devices, generating new value, improving resource management, reducing both costs and waste resulting from human error.

Moreover, behind the expression Industry 4.0 are various aspects not only encompassing the adoption of new technology but also the evolution of the company’s strategic vision. For example, upgrading resources to offer greater readiness in an increasingly changing market.

While the company mission remains the same, in order to keep up-to-date with the digital transformation, companies and industrial enterprises are finding their security threatened and are in the process of making their internal processes, initiatives, and working methods more dynamic and flexible.

New synergy to achieve aims

The transition to Industry 4.0 has been helped by the introduction of new enabling technologies in the world of manufacturing able to facilitate and make production, logistical, and maintenance processes more efficient. Thanks to IIoT devices, Augmented Reality and systems that are integrated with machines being adopted, it has been possible to create a new synergy between operators, instruments, and surrounding environments.
In addition to optimizing phases of work by reducing human error, solutions using automated management of industrial processes favor systems that are more energy efficient, less wasteful of energy, and so improving sustainability and enhancing the green economy. Another fundamental element of this new era is Big Data, that is, the enormous mass of data and information that information technology infrastructure make available to mankind, whose analysis creates a new approach to the market and new approaches inside companies.
The data itself provides an opportunity for predictive analysis guaranteeing an informative database useful in improving products and services, providing full support to the decision process. In fact, Industry 4.0 cannot exist without Big Data Management, Business Intelligence, and Analytics which are increasingly personalized and programmed for companies bespoke.

The PNRR for digitalization, innovation, and internationalization of the industrial system

The recent vicissitudes due to the Covid-19 Pandemic have impacted Italian industry strongly, completely changing the way work is perceived.

In supporting the restart of the entire manufacturing sector, the PNRR (Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan) has in fact made provision for significant resources for operations strengthening the competitiveness of the production system by increasing the level of digitalization, technological innovation, and internationalization through a series of complementary procedures.


Consequently, in the evolution of the industrial sector, it will be fundamental to plan investment in machinery, plant, and equipment to produce state-of-the-art technology but also encourage research, development, and innovation in environmental sustainability in line with the European Green Deal initiative.

Solutions for revolutionizing production, logistics, and maintenance of Italian companies

Netgroup is prepared to support SMEs to encourage the diffusion of Made in Italy abroad as well as strengthen strategy and innovation in production of all types through specific lines of investment thanks to solutions that see some of the most innovative technologies being used: IoT devices, wearables, augmented reality, advanced materials, autonomous robotics, and digital simulation.

Netgroup has developed various industrial automation platforms and solutions over the years as well as for logistic processes, and for the maintenance of plant and machines by predictive logic based on the analysis of data collected in the field by IIoT devices.

Scopri i progetti che abbiamo realizzato e la nostra vision sul futuro prossimo

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