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Making transportation smart

 to move around the city and the world

The new mobility aware

Sustainable mobility and logistic 4.0 are some the themes that have been discussed during recent decades. In fact, transportation constitutes one of the main causes of atmospheric pollution and is trying to introduce greener new means of transport with a smaller impact which seems to be the best route to follow in safeguarding the Earth from the climate crisis as much as possible. The aim in the years to come is to product vehicles equipped with technologies that increasingly respect the environment and aim to reduce noxious emissions to net zero, lowering acoustic pollution, improving efficiency, and reducing energy consumption.
The revolution in mobility caused by logistic 4.0 will see the citizen retake possession of urban spaces and the roads thanks to the introduction of state-of-the-art technologies into daily life. It will manage road traffic and communication more efficiently by using sensors and devices with uninterrupted data exchange.

Ports will be provided with technological solutions that facilitate the management of logistical movements and activities more efficiently and with better organization. Airports and stations are moving towards technological innovation in order to offer useful services to passengers and travelers by simplifying embarkation procedures and satisfying very different needs.

The aim of eco-sustainability is composed of the triple challenge of electronics, renewable energy, and the circular economy

The world of mobility and logistic 4.0 is in continuous evolution since the great attention on the environment has produced a need to generate a new way of conceiving the movement of people and goods. In fact, mobility 4.0 inevitably refers to the concept of environmental sustainability in viewing green logistics oriented towards eco-sustainability, renewable energy, electrical mobility, and the circular economy. We have recently been spectators in several innovations in the world of mobility: the diffusion of new means of eco-compatible transportation such as scooters or electrical vehicles, new mobile sharing services, and infrastructure aimed at the creation of smart roads and ports, a world of connected logistics favoring data exchange.

The challenge of integrated and intelligent logistics is an opportunity to make transportations competitive again

The PNRR provides for sustainable mobility, infrastructure, and logistics with the aim of digitalizing the Italian logistics system and improving competitiveness, capacity, and productivity at the ports in order to increase environmental sustainability of moving passengers and goods by sea. The Plan is an opportunity and a challenge attempting to strengthen the transformation of local and regional transportation, urban and extra-urban mobility, innovate in and redevelop the ports and maritime transport logistics, and monitor the road network infrastructure by applying innovative technologies. Through the investment provided for, all of this means improving national logistics competitiveness by developing interoperable digital systems.

The latter constitute an essential approach to simplifying processes, procedures, data, and information exchange between public and private actors in the world of goods transportation and logistics, exploiting new generation networks such as 5G. Moreover, the PNRR is only the start of a process that provides for unprecedented investment in constructing and redeveloping infrastructure for sustainable mobility to support companies and improve the quality of work and life for people while protecting terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Our experience of transporting goods and developing smart mobility solutions

Netgroup has taken part in various national digital transformation projects in logistics and mobility 4.0. Our experience in transporting goods in the industrial world has made us competitive and up-to-date with the changes brought about by the evolution of technology including in very specific fields such as ports and interport. We have invested greatly in research and development together with some of our partners, and we have been present at international events to promote our solutions and skills in the world of smart mobility.

We have also paid special attention to the subject of the Smart Road developing modules and platforms to support future road networks in line with the evolution of mobility and the trend leading to driverless vehicles. Furthermore, in our experience, we have planned systems supporting urban and extra urban public transport, demonstrating the ability to overcome the various technological challenges that we have to confront every day.

Scopri i progetti che abbiamo realizzato e la nostra vision sul futuro prossimo

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