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Copertina Cyber 4 Ukrainians


Choose the Academy that works for you

Welcome to Cyber 4 Ukrainians, the Academy powered by Netgroup dedicated to Cybersecurity and reserved for those who, like you, is in Italy due to the current situation in his homeland.

You need to rebuild your future: not only through temporary aid, but also with a sustainable perspective for you and your loved ones.

We offer you the opportunity to learn an high demand profession, to start a new job and to have the chance of a career growth.

We believe in your value and in your determination, which is the same as your people are expressing during this hard time.

Read the information below and fill out the form to register: you will be contacted by our Talent Acquisition colleagues for a preliminary interview.


Courses are free

No age limits

Quality required: desire to improve yourself

Not only technology

The core activity we have at Netgroup is digital innovation. We have been doing this since 1994 and we have grown until becoming a group of more than 700 people. So the real aim of training is work. Working together.

Inside the Academy
OK, but what is a Netgroup Academy course like?
  • The first step is to decide for yourself: apply to our Academy.
  • The second step is to have a talk to our recruiter (quietly, they don’t bite) in order for both of you to evaluate your motives for participating.
  • If there are preconditions for you to do the course you have chosen (as there usually are), the teaching staff will evaluate your specific skills at the start: it is not a judgement but only an instrument to get to know you better and adapt to your needs.
  • Each Academy provides phases (of varying duration depending on the type of course) interspersed with verification of the level of learning.
  • At the end of the course you will be tested on everything that you have learnt in a final test that helps Netgroup evaluate the most important action in our Academy: your employment at the company. Our real aim.

The training model we propose at the Netgroup Academy includes distance learning sessions and sessions onsite in classrooms equipped with everything necessary. The distance sessions can by synchronized — when everyone is connected by our e-learning platform — or not synchronized — when each person studies individually sending feedback via the platform —. The latter model does not have set hours or a specific place.